About me!

Hi, my name is Sascha Herm and I have developed this website to share my hobby with fellow enthusiasts worldwide.


I have always expressed a keen interest in military miniature figures, since opening my first box of Airfix plastic soldiers, as a very young child (ok, so I still have them). I began painting these and small flat tin figures, after observing them in museums on school trips.


Having saved my pocket money, I was able to buy magazines based on figures and military modelling. At this time there was no computer available and the internet was non-existent, so all I could do night after night is gaze at these wonderful works of art in magazines, I asked myself whether maybe one day I could paint like this. It was not as easy as I thought. My first painted figure looked nothing like the ones in the magazine but I thoroughly enjoyed painting it and was sort of proud of my first attempt. My next step was to improve from my first attempt and so it continued. After leaving school, I joined the Army, so was able to buy more books for research (and of course more figures). I admired the work of Bill Horan and his painting of 54mm figures and dioramas, which are truly works of art.


In 1996, I was lucky enough to attend my first Euro-Militaire at Folkestone and see some of the work from Bill Horan (a jaw dropping experience) I can remember standing in front of that cabinet and thinking, “How on earth….. “. This was for me a great experience, two days of figures and mixing with people with the same interest as myself. Luckily, I had my then girlfriend (now wife) with me to keep an eye on my wallet, the temptation was just too much, it was all definitely a huge buzz . On arrival home, I decided to embark on some of the 54mm figures I had purchased, they took hours or even weeks of work but the results were so rewarding. These figures are now in my cabinet, basically to look back to where I started.


Central Italian Knight 1350 with Flag

Colonel of the 6th Hussars 1809 on Horse

Norman Knight at rest

Italian Crusader 1300


During this time in 1996, I also started buying the “White Dwarf” magazine, a new dimension of my hobby but still figures to be painted, I bought quite a few boxed plastic figures, which were quicker to paint and a scale down from what I was used to painting.


In 1997/1998, I purchased some historical figures from “Redoubt” and “ Dixon ” because I had a huge interest in the ACW era, I ended up buying armies, so this was my next step. Of course I purchased a lot more than I could paint but it was the question of temptation again. Needless to say I still have many unpainted figures.


My next change of situation for me, was talk of Tolkiens' book “The Lord of the Rings” being prepared into a movie. This was one of my favourite books, read on many occasions, so like many others I could not wait for the film. We were not disappointed and I was hooked, for 3 whole years. On my trip to Euro Militaire in 2002, I had the lucky chance to see Peter Jackson, the Director of the Lord of the Rings movie, he gave me his autograph, and definitely the motivation for my next project.


During these 3 years, I was at University, so it could have been so easy to paint all day and all night. It was at this time, after reading the White Dwarf magazine, that I decided to compete in the 2002 Golden Demon Competition in Nottingham . The day itself was brilliant and I, like many thousands, queued with my entry box in hand. It was a very tense day and very exciting. I received a Golden Demon and was ecstatic for many days after, it was all very rewarding. So much so, that I returned the year after.

Me and my Golden Demon in 2002

My 2002 Golden Demon Entry - The Last Alliance


This time it was in the same category but I won a Silver Demon. I would have entered in the third year but it was in the middle of my final year at University, I have my wife to thank that I finally have my MBA, she said at the time it was more important. A hat trick would have been nice though, considering there were three films. I do plan to enter again though and have a few ideas for an entry.


I was invited to “Games Workshop” Headquarters in Nottingham and it was here that the “Perry Twins” held the door open for me, another jaw dropping experience, after reading so much about them and their work, here I was face to face (but I was too shocked to speak to them, doh). It was after this meeting that I saw a lot more of their work at Games Workshop and I really liked their style, so decided to buy some figures from their range at the “Foundry”, they were great, the detail - fantastic, it was a pleasure to see the figures come to life.


There were so many figures here, that I had to find a way to move some of them. I had never used “Ebay” before but decided to try with some figures and I have actually met some really great people through the auction site. I have not yet sold the unpainted figures but my wife has since been painting using the phrase “If you can't beat them…..”. She has an artistic background and thought she would have a “good teacher”, so my box of unpainted is slowly turning into a box of painted. She has since also had success on Ebay.


I have started concentrating on 28 mm scale Miniatures and in the past have painted for some well known Companies, i.e. Wargames Foundry. I am currently painting for two great Companies Perry Miniatures and Gripping Beast. My work has appeared on the cover and alongside articles in Wargames Illustrated Magazine, which I buy monthly.


I entered in the Salute 06 Category 1, with my Dutch Militia Diorama and won First Prize.


Due to a professional change, we located back to Germany in August 2006 and we are both living now at the heart of the Black Forrest. A beautiful place to live and we are quite happy here.


In December 2007 I entered the Steve Dean's Forum Painting competition and won first prize. The Competition was just for fun but I was still proud to have competed against some great names and artists.


I was lucky again in August 2008, where I won in Steve-Dean's 18th Painting Competition with a Vignette depicting a Battle scene durinng the Battel of Agincourt, 1415


I have been member of this forum for years and have got to know some great painters along the way. This is a fun, inspiring site and one I visit daily.


Here is a picture of our badge which we carry with pride at exhibitions to recognise each other:


We moved house again in February 2009 which made it impossible for me to attend Salute 09 but at least now I have an even bigger painting Studio for myself.

The following years were very challenging ones in a professional sense and work took a more and more dominant role over my life. It meant that painting wise the end of 2010 and foremost the first three quarters of 2011 were very quiet. I went through some difficult times that made me re-think my decision that made me come to Germany in the first place. Changes are being made as I write these lines, which in the end will hopefully have a very positive effects on me personally, my wife, my family and of course my hobby.

I seemed to have overcome my "Paintersblock" at last and finished a few new Miniatures. I feel again that they represent a real milestone of my painting and I can see myself some real positive developments again.

A perfect example of how my painting seemed to have bounced back is that I have won Steve Dean's 36th Painting Competition with my rendition of Foundry's King Arthur:

We also are in the process of determining our future, which could mean for us to eventually moving back to Wales. We will see. I decided to just enjoy some painting for the next couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to Christmas.

I am also planning to attend and participate at Salute 2012, Euro Militair and Games Day in the UK, which would mean a lot for me.

So hence the story goes, but one thing is for sure, I thoroughly enjoy my hobby and we have had a lot of laughs along the way, so long may it last…………..


Thanks for visiting


Sascha Herm