Mounted Sergeant 6:

For the Seargeants Leather Harnish, I wanted to give it a real stiff & hardened Leather effect. I used Vallejo Brown Umber as a base and GW Black and Scorched Brown to mix in as a shade. I added Napoleonic Orange to the base as the highlight colour.

I used Andrea Union Blue for the Hood but tried to keep it on the dull side and only used various brown or flesh tones for the shading & highlighting.

To give the horse a Fleabitten Grey appearance it was firstly given a basecoat of Foundry's Granite B with a little bit of white. I used a small, cut to size sponge and tapped first the dark colour (Granite A & B 1:2) onto the horse folowed by Granite B mixed with some more white. I started now the highlighting with some very watered down layers adding more and more white until the final highlight was pure white.