Some more "Work in Progress" Pictures:


Here are some pictures of the final stages of my little project. After painting all the miniatures, it was time to prepare the base, paint it, add the figures and other accessories to bring it into life.

You can see the finished figures lying on the table, awaiting their deployment.

The wooden base is from Andrea Miniatures. The base is also to be seen, right under the lamp.

The figures are now being pressed into the still wet Milliput. The metal bases are leaving indentations, which will make it easier later to glue the figures into their appropriate positions.

While the Milliput is setting, I am preparing all the other bits and pieces I need to add, i.e. rifle, kepi, field grass, flowers, dandelion and the little tree.

The tree was made using sea foam, strengthened and thickened with a PVA and sand mix to represent bark. After drying and painting, I covered the branches with leaf litter.

The rifle was taken from a Foundry ACW falling wounded figure. The hand was sanded away and smoothed with Putty.

The Kepi came from the Perry ACW Infantry Plastic box.

The Dandelion and the Summerflower I used were from Busch HO Railroad accessories.

Two different coloured rubberised horse hair were used for the longer grass, to give that wild dry tufts appearance.

The fence is from Dixon Miniatures. Firstly, I added the Bulletholes to the fence to give a realistic under fire effect. After basecoating, I drybrushed it several times using various brown tones, using successivly lighter tones. I used finally a very light beige tone to add finer detail to the edges. At last but not least, I gave it a few washed to dull it down. The paints I used for the whole project were from the following ranges:

- Life Colour

- Vallejo

- Andrea

- Foundry

- Games Workshop

My home made Wetpallette. I could not do without it anymore.

I am always adding the 'sand & stone scatter' before I position all the figures. It will make it easier to access everywhere. Here you can also see why the indentations from the bases help to keep the parts free, where I need to position my figures straightly.

After drybrushing most of the base scatter, I started to place the figures one by one onto the base. I added then the sand and painted / drybrushed around the miniature.

The hairdryer will dry the white glue and the paint quicker. It will also blow all remaining loose sand off.

After drying, I just have to gently drybrush around the last two added figures of my command group.

It now starts to look better. Just a bit more drybrushing and the green life to be added after. That should be it.

Here is the link to the finished Diorama.